IJCM  Vol.9 No.7 , July 2018
Vertical Ridge Augmentation of Atrophic Anterior Mandible with Autogenic Tibia Grafts Compared Allogenic Grafts
Abstract: Aim: Ridge augmentation for the atrophied mandible or for supporting dental implants is, an effective treatment in patients with alveolar defects that preserve bone height for the placement of implants or desirable appearance. Two common substans for bone augmentation are autografts and allografts. However, it is difficult to demonstrate that one surgical procedure offers better outcomes than another. Our study aimed to address and compare changes in ridge augmentation following autograft and allograft bone grafting within a 6-month follow up period. Materials and Methods: In a randomized blinded clinical trial, 18 patients who were candidates for mandible bone grafts were randomly divided into two autograft (tibia graft) (n = 9) and allograft (n = 9) groups. In the autograft group demineralized frozen dried bone was used. Height of three local points on graft replacement (Right, Middle and Left points) were measured based on the OPG preoperatively and also 3 and 6 months after the grafting. Results: In all patient, the trend of ridge augmentation change was significant within 6 months following grafting; however no difference was observed in height changes between the autograft and allograft procedures. Conclusion: From the clinical point of view, these two procedures appear to have similar efficacies for treating localized mandibular ridge defects. Clinical Significances: Comparison the success rate and increase the anterior of mandibular height between autogenous bone graft and allogeneic bone graft.
Cite this paper: Razmara, F. , Mahmoodhashemi, H. , Zahraei, S. and Mahmoudhashemi, A. (2018) Vertical Ridge Augmentation of Atrophic Anterior Mandible with Autogenic Tibia Grafts Compared Allogenic Grafts. International Journal of Clinical Medicine, 9, 580-589. doi: 10.4236/ijcm.2018.97049.

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