OJBIPHY  Vol.8 No.3 , July 2018
Guided Folding of Life’s Proteins in Integrate Cells with Holographic Memory and GM-Biophysical Steering
Abstract: The current geometric and thermodynamic approaches in protein folding studies do not provide a definite solution to understanding mechanisms of folding of biological proteins. A major problem is that the protein is first synthesized as a linear molecule that subsequently must reach its native configuration in an extremely short time. Hydrophobicity-hydrophilicity models and random search mechanism cannot explain folding to the 3-D functional form in less than 1 second, as it occurs in the intact cell. We propose an integral approach, based on the embedding of proteins in the whole cellular context under the postulate: a life protein is never alone. In this concept the protein molecule is influenced by various long and short distance force fields of nature such as coherent electromagnetic waves and zero-point energy. In particular, the role of solitons is reviewed in relation to a novel GM-scale biophysical principle, revealed by us. This recent finding of a set of discrete EM frequency bands, that either promote or endanger life conditions, could be a key in further studies directed at the morphogenetic aspects of protein folding in a biological evolutionary context. In addition, an alternative hypothesis is presented in which each individual cell may store integral 3-D information holographically at the virtual border of a 4-D hypersphere that surrounds each living cell, providing a field receptive memory structure that is instrumental in guiding the folding process towards coherently oscillating protein networks that are crucial for cell survival.
Cite this paper: Meijer, D. and Geesink, H. (2018) Guided Folding of Life’s Proteins in Integrate Cells with Holographic Memory and GM-Biophysical Steering. Open Journal of Biophysics, 8, 117-154. doi: 10.4236/ojbiphy.2018.83010.

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