ENG  Vol.10 No.6 , June 2018
Designing a New Design of a Loading Cylinder for Pneumomechanical Spinning Machines
Abstract: The article explores the issue of designing a new design of a loading cylinder with a casing filled with vulcanized rubber for pneumomechanical spinning machines. The theoretical calculation of the deformed state of a cylindrical shell filled with vulcanized rubber is given. Deflections and stresses in the rubber layer are determined, which we use approximately for the Ritz methods. The theory of the radial and axial moving rubber layer was analyzed. The specific energy of deformation of a cylindrical layer of a compound cylinder is determined. The statics of the case and the loading cylinder of spinning machines are thoroughly studied.
Cite this paper: Abdukarimovich, M. , Ibragimovich, A. and Sharipjanovich, S. (2018) Designing a New Design of a Loading Cylinder for Pneumomechanical Spinning Machines. Engineering, 10, 345-356. doi: 10.4236/eng.2018.106025.

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