EPE  Vol.10 No.6 , June 2018
Transient Stability Simulation of 33 kV Power Grid
Abstract: An example of Sandakan power grid problem is presented in this paper. Sandakan is a suburb in east coast of Sabah state of Malaysia. Stability problem occurs due to the increase in load demand, lack of generation sources and inadequate supply. The tripping disturbances occur frequently in the network which is contributing to voltage instability. In this paper dynamics stability of 33 kV power grid as related to Sandakan network is analyzed and simulated. The analysis is completed by modelling the network data in Power System Simulation for Engineering (PSS/E) software and simulate the transient stability of generator, exciter and governor during a three phase fault occurs on a far and close distance from a bus, and determine the critical clearing time as well as swing curve of rotor angle. The output values of electrical power, machine speed, rotor angle and bus voltage are observed.
Cite this paper: Barsoum, N. , Zulkeffley, N. and Songkin, M. (2018) Transient Stability Simulation of 33 kV Power Grid. Energy and Power Engineering, 10, 301-318. doi: 10.4236/epe.2018.106019.

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