JAMP  Vol.6 No.6 , June 2018
Earth’s Serious Anisotropy, Non-Inertiality, Ether, Gain of Free Energy, Revealed, Part 2
Abstract: The present paper is of historic importance as well as the second part of [1]. In this second part, we detect important details about the orbit of the Earth and about the velocity (of magnitude 217 km/s) of the solar system around the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Some of these details concern the perihelion and aphelion of the orbit of the Earth. For several years we have observed that the return pulses, on the oscilloscope screen, appear to be more energetic than the initial pulses (See Part 1, Figure 2, for which the blue return pulse crests are much higher than the yellow initial crests). The used oscilloscope is and only must be, a storage oscilloscope, in other words, a computerized oscilloscope with a digital memory. The first oscilloscopes like this, came out, only after 1995, a relatively recent time that all wire velocity experiments and measurements were already completely investigated by science. We do astronomy, without receiving images by an astronomical telescope, but instead by sending signals around a loop and making an analysis using the same oscilloscope as in Part 1. We recommend to the reader to study Part 1 as a prerequisite. The Earth surface is accelerating with a centripetal acceleration, due to its rotation, thus it is not an inertial frame. Also, the Earth is evidently anisotropic, due to the same rotation, a second reason for it being a non-inertial rotating frame.
Cite this paper: Pappas, P. , Jones, B. , Pappas, T. and Pappas, L. (2018) Earth’s Serious Anisotropy, Non-Inertiality, Ether, Gain of Free Energy, Revealed, Part 2. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, 6, 1332-1345. doi: 10.4236/jamp.2018.66112.

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