AS  Vol.9 No.6 , June 2018
Effects of Three Nitrification Inhibitors on the Nitrogen Conversion in Purple Soil and Its Effect on the Nitrogen Uptake of Citrus Seedlings
Abstract: Experiments were carried out to study the effects of nitrification inhibitors (NI) on the transformation of soil nitrogen (N) in purple soil and the effects on the N accumulation in different organs of citrus seedlings. In incubation and pot experiments, the rate of nitrification inhibitors 2-chloro-6-trichloro-methyl pyridine (Nitrapyrin), 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate (DMPP) and dicyandiamide (DCD) was 2.4%, 1.0% and 5.0% of N rate, respectively. The trend of different nitrification inhibitors on ammonium nitrogen ( NH+4-N ), nitrate nitrogen ( NO-3-N ) content and pH was compared in incubation experiment; and the effect of different NI on the dry matter quality, N uptake of citrus seedling was studied in pot experiment. The results showed that NI could significantly inhibit soil nitrification in the early culture period (p < 0.05). The inhibitory degree of NI on nitrification showed the strong tendency at the beginning and then decreased. During the whole experiment, nitrification inhibition rates were 4.4% - 48.5% (En), 6.7% - 9.8% (DMPP) and 5.1% - 97.2% (DCD), respectively. Compared with the control, the application of NI increased the plant height and dry matter accumulation of potted citrus seedlings by 7.6% - 8.6% and 1.0% - 3.8%, respectively. And application of NI also increased the absorption of N by citrus roots and leaves by 9.0% - 17.9% and 0.6% - 7.2%, respectively. Overall, all the three nitrification inhibitors could significantly delay the soil nitrification process in purple soil, with the order of inhibition ability of DCD > DMPP > En (calculated as nitrogen application rate). Application of NI increased the height and dry matter accumulation, N accumulation of citrus seedling grown in pot experiment. Thus, application of NI would be helpful for improving N use efficiency in purple soil which is one of major soil types for citrus production in China.
Cite this paper: Li, W. , Zhang, Z. , Li, D. , Guo, C. , Li, Y. , Yang, M. , Shi, X. and Zhang, Y. (2018) Effects of Three Nitrification Inhibitors on the Nitrogen Conversion in Purple Soil and Its Effect on the Nitrogen Uptake of Citrus Seedlings. Agricultural Sciences, 9, 655-669. doi: 10.4236/as.2018.96045.

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