AM  Vol.9 No.6 , June 2018
Fuzzy Framework of Health Risk Assessment of Nitrates in Groundwater
This study provides a characterization of potential health risk associated with groundwater Nitrates in Akkar plain in Taturs governorate in Syria. Six villages were chosen for Nitrates analysis in artesian wells. The results show that Nitrates concentrations are above the natural level but still below the level of water potability and measures have to be taken to prevent Nitrates accumulation in groundwater. Comparing Nitrates dose in young children diet with reference dose and calculating the hazard index give the noncarcinogenic risk (Methemoglobinemia). Carcinogenic risk of drinking well waters with Nitrates is calculated in a probabilistic-fuzzy framework. The role of Bacterial contamination of water and its association with Nitrates pollution is discussed and we found that the two pollutants are not correlated in Akkar plain, because Nitrates come principally from fertilizers in this area while fecal coliforms come from landfill leachates and untreated wastewaters. Nitrates and FC play associated roles in gastro-intestinal disturbance and Methemoglobinemia.
Cite this paper: Chiban, S. , Awad, A. , Wazzan, A. and Sheikh-Youssef, H. (2018) Fuzzy Framework of Health Risk Assessment of Nitrates in Groundwater. Applied Mathematics, 9, 586-601. doi: 10.4236/am.2018.96041.

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