EPE  Vol.10 No.5 , May 2018
Effect of Temperature on the Capacitance of a Silicon Solar Cell in Static Regime
Abstract: This work was based mainly on the capacitance of a silicon solar cell monofaciale in static conditions under monochromatic illumination and under the influence of temperature. Solving the continuity equation for excess minority carrier’s charge density in the base of the solar cell resulting in the term of the temperature equation in the presence of an optical source. The latter has allowed us to obtain the photocurrent density and photovoltage. Subsequently we studied the capacitance situation of open circuit and short circuit depending on the temperature. Finally with the determination of capacitance under C0 darkness.
Cite this paper: Sahin, G. (2018) Effect of Temperature on the Capacitance of a Silicon Solar Cell in Static Regime. Energy and Power Engineering, 10, 187-197. doi: 10.4236/epe.2018.105013.

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