ENG  Vol.10 No.4 , April 2018
Behavior of Repairing Composite I-Section Beams with Opening under Ultimate Torque
Abstract: An experimental study was conducted to investigate the behavior of composite concrete beams damaged and cracked under pure torsion, and then repaired by external strengthening. This was achieved using high strength Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) laminates bonded with epoxy four composite modify reactive powder concrete (MRPC) I-beams. Different types of section (Solid & with opening) were tested to obtain the effect of amount of CFRP laminate on beams ultimate torque behavior, angle of twist and failure modes. The results obtained showed that a significant effect of external high strength CFRP laminates on effectively restore of section solid, the range of 89.8% to 91.2% of ultimate torsional strength effectively restored as well as effectively restoring of section opening by 83.48% - 86.67% of ultimate torsional strength. The repaired beams give high efficiency in ultimate torsional strength, and indicate that the adopted technique gives a good torsional strength.
Cite this paper: Al Amli, A. , Al-Ansari, N. and Abtan, Y. (2018) Behavior of Repairing Composite I-Section Beams with Opening under Ultimate Torque. Engineering, 10, 202-214. doi: 10.4236/eng.2018.104014.

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