AD  Vol.6 No.2 , April 2018
The WW II Saint-Pabu German Radar Camp-2
Abstract: It is a pleasure to observe that the hope for further studies on the WW II German radar camp of Saint-Pabu (Brittany-FR) formulated in a previous publication has materialized. The Doll’s archive provided new documentation from the RAF Operations Rhubarb permitting to reconstruct the first camp activities and giving hints about the daily life of its personnel. The excavation of the L479 Anton for day and night fighter control clarified architectural aspects of its construction and permitted the recuperation and examination of original German military equipments. But, further questions remain open for investigation.
Cite this paper: Tomezzoli, G. and Colliou, S. (2018) The WW II Saint-Pabu German Radar Camp-2. Archaeological Discovery, 6, 88-102. doi: 10.4236/ad.2018.62006.

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