AD  Vol.6 No.2 , April 2018
The WW II German Defences Structures around Ploumoguer (Finistère-FR)
Abstract: Although the information about the German military presence in the sector of Ploumoguer (Finistère-FR) during the German Occupation of France (June 1940 - November 1944) is rather fragmentary, it resulted sufficient for identifying the most important military structures still present. They included the Stp (Stutzpunkt-Support Point) Re 80 at La Villeneuve-Suernevez, the Stp Re 311-FuMB 445 at Kervélédan, the Stp Re 77 at Kérigoarn-Kerizauen and the Stp Re 79 at Kergounan. The visits on the sites permitted to ascertain the preservations state of their Regelbauten (rule-built constructions) and verstärkten feldmäβigen Bauwerke (strengthened field constructions) (Vf). The role of the witnesses, already highlighted in previous publications, aided a lot also in this case for identifying and exploring components of said structures and so to complete the frame of the WWII German defence structures around Ploumoguer.
Cite this paper: Tomezzoli, G. (2018) The WW II German Defences Structures around Ploumoguer (Finistère-FR). Archaeological Discovery, 6, 62-87. doi: 10.4236/ad.2018.62005.

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