Health  Vol.10 No.3 , March 2018
Photodynamic Therapy in the Healing of the Areolo-Papillary Complex after Mastectomy—Case Report
Abstract: Some breast reconstruction surgeries after mastectomy, or even reductive mammoplasty, may evolve unexpectedly when the areolopapillary complex heals and develop dehiscences, necrosis and delayed healing. The purpose of this case report was to verify the efficacy of photodynamic therapy in wound healing of the areolopapillary complex. This was a case report of a female patient with diabetes, fibromyalgia and diagnosed with breast cancer, with necrotic areolopapillary complex, after debridement, photodynamic therapy started with clobetasol propionate associated with methylene blue and low power laser application. At the beginning of the treatment with photodynamic therapy, the wound had 6 centimeters of diameter, and after 19 sessions, the wound was closed completely with normalization of the color of the nipple. The photodynamic therapy is advancing a lot in healing of infected wounds and complex wounds. It can be said that in this case report, photodynamic therapy was fundamental for the complete healing, being considered a promising treatment and another alternative for dermatofunctional physiotherapists.
Cite this paper: da Glória Karan Marquetti Marquetti, M. , de Mello Pinto, M. , Ronis, A. , Rocha, L. , Silva, J. , Chi, A. , Costa, D. (2018) Photodynamic Therapy in the Healing of the Areolo-Papillary Complex after Mastectomy—Case Report. Health, 10, 326-333. doi: 10.4236/health.2018.103026.

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