IIM  Vol.3 No.6 , November 2011
Towards A “Deep” Ontology for African Traditional Medicine
Abstract: The increasing interest on ontologies as the backbone technology for knowledge based systems implies the refinement of ontologies development methods. In this paper we propose a new approach to develop an ontology for African Traditional Medicine. The aim of our approach is to build a deep ontology by deepening concepts descriptions to formally represent all the semantics underlying the concepts used in African traditional medicine. We use a description logics language to formalize our approach.
Cite this paper: nullA. Ayimdji, S. Koussoubé, L. Fotso and B. Konfé, "Towards A “Deep” Ontology for African Traditional Medicine," Intelligent Information Management, Vol. 3 No. 6, 2011, pp. 244-251. doi: 10.4236/iim.2011.36030.

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