JAMP  Vol.6 No.1 , January 2018
A Study of Flow through a Channel Bounded by a Brinkman Transition Porous Layer
Abstract: Flow through a channel bounded by a porous layer is considered when a transition layer exists between the channel and the medium. The variable permeability in the transition layer is chosen such that Brinkman’s equation governing the flow reduces to a generalized inhomogeneous Airy’s differential equation. Solution to the resulting generalized Airy’s equation is obtained in this work and solution to the flow through the transition layer, of the same configuration, reported in the literature, is recovered from the current solution.
Cite this paper: Zaytoon, M. , Alderson, T. and Hamdan, M. (2018) A Study of Flow through a Channel Bounded by a Brinkman Transition Porous Layer. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, 6, 264-282. doi: 10.4236/jamp.2018.61025.

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