ENG  Vol.10 No.1 , January 2018
Flow Boiling Numerical Solution through a Water Based Nano-Fluidic Mixture Free Convection
Abstract: In this study, a 2-D MHD free convection incompressible electrically induced boundary layer analysis on a water/nano-fluidic mixture. The ODE solution is numerically analyzed with a Runge-Kutta model as the thermophysical properties on a magnetic variation as well as temperature ranges of buoyancy effects on the T and V profiles and the wall force friction on the flow is also studied. The temperature and velocity gradients have a significant differential change is been observed in this study.
Cite this paper: Shariff, Y. (2018) Flow Boiling Numerical Solution through a Water Based Nano-Fluidic Mixture Free Convection. Engineering, 10, 1-6. doi: 10.4236/eng.2018.101001.

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