Health  Vol.10 No.1 , January 2018
Analysis of the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Populations in Four Villages of the Boucle du Mouhoun Region (Burkina Faso) Regarding Tænia solium Life Cycle
Abstract: T. solium cysticercosis is a tropical neglected disease with a high impact on public health and agriculture. To better understand the socio-economical drivers of this disease, this study was carried out with the goal to analyze knowledge, attitudes and practices of populations of the Boucle du Mouhoun region in connection with the life cycle of T. solium. We carried out a knowledge-attitudes-practices (KAP) survey with 320 people in four villages. More than half of the interviewees (60.3%) have already seen pig’s carcasses with the parasite cysts. Only two people know that the infestation is associated with the consumption of human faeces. In addition, 32.2% think that they can get sick by ingesting infested meat. Wells water is consumed by 62.8% of people and 75.1% of wells do not carry curbs. Moreover, 84.1% of concessions had latrines but 52.2% of the people practice open defecation. Pig meat is consumed by 80.6% of people and 30.9% have already consumed meat with cysts. This study shows that the transmission routes of porcine cysticercosis are not known and that the populations adopt attitudes and practices which allow the perpetuation of teniasis/cysticercosis in these villages.
Cite this paper: Dahourou, L. , Gbati, O. , Millogo, A. , Dicko, A. , Roamba, C. and Pangui, L. (2018) Analysis of the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Populations in Four Villages of the Boucle du Mouhoun Region (Burkina Faso) Regarding Tænia solium Life Cycle. Health, 10, 95-106. doi: 10.4236/health.2018.101008.

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