MSA  Vol.9 No.1 , January 2018
The Influence of Abnormal Segregation Band on Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled Ferrite/Pearlite Steel Plate
Abstract: In order to further reveal the influence of abnormal segregation band on mechanical properties of hot rolled ferrite/pearlite steel plate, especially on laminated tensile fracture, the experimental method of delamination tension was adopted. In this paper, the thin tensile samples with 3 mm thickness from the surface, 1/4 positions and center along the thickness orientation of test plate were measured, also the relationship between microstructure and mechanical properties was probed. The results show that the center region of hot rolled ferrite/pearlite steel plate exists granular bainite and ferrite mixed grains, which leads to lower plasticity and toughness of this region. During the tensile process, microcracks are generated and extended at the center of steel plate due to the inconsistency of deformation and fracture on the adjacent structures, finally leading to laminated fracture of steel plate.
Cite this paper: Feng, R. , Gong, B. , Cui, H. , Pan, Y. and Bao, J. (2018) The Influence of Abnormal Segregation Band on Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled Ferrite/Pearlite Steel Plate. Materials Sciences and Applications, 9, 81-91. doi: 10.4236/msa.2018.91006.

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