ENG  Vol.9 No.12 , December 2017
A Review on Stabilization of Expansive Soil Using Industrial Solid Wastes
Abstract: In developing countries like India, Industrialization is rising rapidly, and also a great paucity of land is there, the demand for exploitation of industrial wastes which coming from industries is increasing. From geotechnical perspective, fly ash, granite and quarry waste, cement kiln dust, silica fume, rice husk etc. are the waste materials which have effectual features requisites by an excellent soil stabilization admixture. Stabilization using solid wastes is one of the different methods of treatment, to improve the engineering properties and make it suitable for construction. This paper briefs about the recent trends in stabilization of expansive soil using industrial waste (granite and quarry waste, cement kiln dust, silica fume, rice husk) as stabilizers for decreasing the environmental hazards.
Cite this paper: Thirumalai, R. , Babu, S. , Naveennayak, V. , Nirmal, R. and Lokesh, G. (2017) A Review on Stabilization of Expansive Soil Using Industrial Solid Wastes. Engineering, 9, 1008-1017. doi: 10.4236/eng.2017.912060.

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