JEP  Vol.8 No.13 , December 2017
The Methodology of Melioration and Restoration of the Largest Dumps of the Most Coal Basin
Reclamations of dumps in the Most Basin that is located in the North Bohemia consist of restoration of extremely unfavourable properties of rocks that are poured down onto the dump body. These rocks come from the surface layer and the layer where coal bed is present. Sands, clay sands and kaolin (illitic clays) are the main components that occur in the material. Other components are predominantly organic (coal) mass, siderite and pyrite. This report briefly summarizes the history and present of ore, non-metallic and coal mining in the region and addresses in detail the issue of moderating the consequences of mining, which is one of the principal activities of the Research Institute for Brown Coal, j.s.c. in Most. The concept of landscape reclamation in the largest dumps after mining ends, the technical reclamation methodology and the well considered use of fertilizable soil are main results presented in this article.
Cite this paper: Řehoř, M. , Vráblík, P. , Vráblíková, J. , Žižka, L. and Wildova, E. (2017) The Methodology of Melioration and Restoration of the Largest Dumps of the Most Coal Basin. Journal of Environmental Protection, 8, 1583-1594. doi: 10.4236/jep.2017.813097.

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