OJBIPHY  Vol.8 No.1 , January 2018
Knowledge of Togolese Doctors on Biological Effects of Ultrasound and Their Attitudes towards the Ultrasonographic Explorations Performed in Lome (Togo)
Abstract: We evaluate the level of knowledge of clinician doctors asking for echographies on the biological effects of ultrasounds and their attitudes towards ultrasounds examinations performed in Lome. Transverse study based on a survey led from August 16th till November 30th, 2013 including 105 doctors applicant of ultrasound in Lome (Togo). The middle age of the applicant doctors was of 34 years with a sex-ratio of 4/1 and more than half practiced in public facilities. Approximately ten percent applicants thought that the ultrasound is an irradiant exam and those practicing for less than 5 years were the ones who had a good level of knowledge on the not irradiant character of the ultrasounds. The existence of the thermal and mechanical effects of the ultrasounds was known only by 4.8% of the applicants and only 1.9% of the doctors had information on the thermal index (TI) and the mechanical index (MI). More than half (66.7%) analyzed the ultrasound images joined to the report but none verified the conformity with the standards of the values of the TI and at MI shown on the images. They were 43.5% to read only the conclusion. The level of knowledge of the doctors on the biological effects of the ultrasounds is unsatisfactory. The ultrasounds although not irradiant, have biological effects imposing precautionary measures which have to guide the attitude of the applicants towards the ultrasonographic explorations.
Cite this paper: Adambounou, K. , Bathily, E. , Adigo, A. , Gbandé, P. , Bakpatina-Batako, K. , Sonhaye, L. , Tapsoba, T. and Adjenou, K. (2018) Knowledge of Togolese Doctors on Biological Effects of Ultrasound and Their Attitudes towards the Ultrasonographic Explorations Performed in Lome (Togo). Open Journal of Biophysics, 8, 1-8. doi: 10.4236/ojbiphy.2018.81001.

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