MSA  Vol.8 No.13 , December 2017
Microstructure, Texture, Mechanical and Ballistic Properties Correlation of a Hot Rolled and Peak Aged AA-7017 Alloy Plate at Surface and Centre
Abstract: The present work describes microstructure, texture, mechanical and ballistic properties correlation of a hot rolled and peak aged AA-7017 alloy plate at surface and centre. Both the microstructures and textures are different on the surface and centre of the plate. The surface of the plate shows recrystallized grains and a weak over all texture. The centre of the plate displays elongated grains and a sharp texture. Tensile properties, hardness and impact toughness are evaluated at surface and centre of the plate. It is observed that strength and hardness is high at centre, whereas ductility and impact toughness is more at the surface. Ballistic properties of the plate at centre and surface are measured by impacting against two different 7.62 mm deformable projectiles. The plates impacted on the surface shows better ballistic resistance. Ballistic performance of the plate at surface and centre has been correlated with the microstructure, texture and mechanical properties.
Cite this paper: Jena, P. , Kumar, K. , Mandal, R. and Singh, A. (2017) Microstructure, Texture, Mechanical and Ballistic Properties Correlation of a Hot Rolled and Peak Aged AA-7017 Alloy Plate at Surface and Centre. Materials Sciences and Applications, 8, 992-1013. doi: 10.4236/msa.2017.813073.

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