OJFD  Vol.7 No.4 , December 2017
Study on Design of Pressure Chamber in a Linear-Jet Type Air Curtain System for Prevention of Smoke Spread
Death toll by smoke in fire is estimated at 70% which emphasizes the importance of smoke control system to deal with the fire smoke. In advanced countries, the studies on method to prevent smoke spread by forming the air curtain using high velocity jet flow are underway now. In this study, a linear-jet type air curtain system is proposed to prevent the smoke spread and analysis of flow characteristics of pressure chamber, which is the core component, is conducted through numerical analysis and experimental approach. Consequently, the pressure was increased in 2D functional way to input air flowrate and about 595 Pa pressure was formed at pressure chamber inlet in response to 30 m/s nozzle jet velocity.
Cite this paper: Kim, J. and Lee, S. (2017) Study on Design of Pressure Chamber in a Linear-Jet Type Air Curtain System for Prevention of Smoke Spread. Open Journal of Fluid Dynamics, 7, 501-510. doi: 10.4236/ojfd.2017.74034.

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