AJIBM  Vol.7 No.11 , November 2017
Skill Gap Analysis in the Ship Breaking Industry of Pakistan
Abstract: Geographically Pakistan gains much importance in the sea linkages as it intersects the three main sea lines of communication (SLOCs). After the project China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), there we see improvement in infrastructure of every sector which is linked with it. But the Ship breaking sector located at Gaddani, Pakistan was still ignored. And the main focus of our study is on the safety measures, education, health, and demands of TEVT graduates in this sector. Data is collect through survey in 2016. At start the ship breaking sector was on peak and become the No. 1 sector around the globe but unfortunately this sector in performance getting down and down with time. There are three main reasons, first, the high tax rate was imposed, second, there was no proper safety measures as we see deaths and injuries incidents are taken place, no proper medical facilities are available and third there was no proper training and education for the workforce which are engaged in this sector. All the needs of this sector to make it Green are addressed in this study properly. If all the measures which we addressed for the improvement of this sector is handled properly than this sector will contribute much more to GDP in different ways as this sector in terms of employment, and will also produce much more steel which not only fill the demand of steel domestically but also we will export it to different countries.
Cite this paper: Shah, S. , Hussain, H. and Hussain, M. (2017) Skill Gap Analysis in the Ship Breaking Industry of Pakistan. American Journal of Industrial and Business Management, 7, 1244-1254. doi: 10.4236/ajibm.2017.711088.

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