JACEN  Vol.6 No.4 , November 2017
Robust Soil Quality Index for Tropical Soils Influenced by Agricultural Activities
Abstract: The knowledge of the soil quality plays a vital role in the agricultural sector. Despite its importance, there is scarce scientific information concerning this regard. The objective of this research is to develop a methodology to identify and select the most appropriate indicators of Soil Quality Index (SQI) in a region with high agricultural activity. For its conformation, a descriptive statistical analysis and a Pearson correlation matrix were performed and the indicators that showed greater variation were identified using a Principal Components Analysis (PCA). A sensitivity analysis was carried out and the most sensible soil indicators of SQI were identified. This statistical procedure was also used to specify the weights of the indicators in SQI. The variables resulting from the multiparametric statistical analysis were pH, organic matter, sodium, calcium, iron, zinc, cation exchange capacity and electrical conductivity. The robustness of the SQI obtained in this study was demonstrated through simulations carried out by the numerical optimization through simplex method. The Soil Quality Index range obtained (0.54 - 0.75) locates Culiacan Valley soils as moderate/high quality.
Cite this paper: Rangel-Peraza, J. , Padilla-Gasca, E. , López-Corrales, R. , Medina, J. , Bustos-Terrones, Y. , Amabilis-Sosa, L. , Rodríguez-Mata, A. and Osuna-Enciso, T. (2017) Robust Soil Quality Index for Tropical Soils Influenced by Agricultural Activities. Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Environment, 6, 199-221. doi: 10.4236/jacen.2017.64014.

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