AS  Vol.8 No.11 , November 2017
Fruit Market in the City of Lavras, Minas Gerais, Brazil from 2004 to 2017
Abstract: Fruit growing has achieved advances through the use of new technologies generated by research. In Brazil, it is one of the most prominent sectors in agribusiness, achieving significant results and generating business opportunities. In this way, the fruit market has grown considerably in the last decades, both in quantity and in quality. Allied to this, the changes in consumer behavior regarding food consumption have been responsible for the increase of the fruit market. The objective of this work was to know the evolution of the fruit trade in the city of Lavras, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, in relation to the quantity sold, monetary value, losses in the gondolas of retail establishments and per capita consumption of the population of this city.
Cite this paper: de Andrade, J. , Pereira, L. , Albérico Alvarenga, Â. , Alice Ferreira, E. , Márcio Norberto, P. and Ribeiro Malta, M. (2017) Fruit Market in the City of Lavras, Minas Gerais, Brazil from 2004 to 2017. Agricultural Sciences, 8, 1278-1282. doi: 10.4236/as.2017.811092.

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