IJOC  Vol.7 No.4 , December 2017
Direct Mass Spectroscopy Analysis and Comparison of Middle Eastern and Texas Crude Oils
Abstract: We analyzed two types of crude oil samples: Middle Eastern crude oil and Texas crude oil by using a residual gas analyzer (RGA) based on the linear quadrupole principle. This portable mass analyzer is capable of measuring hydrocarbons with masses of up to 300 atomic mass units (amu) as well as low mass targets, such as methane and carbon dioxide at ppm level concentrations. The generated mass spectra revealed differences in the composition and signal intensity of hydrocarbons of Middle Eastern and Texas crude oil samples. Even if RGA 300 is manufactured to be served as a detailed gas analysis of vacuum systems, we have shown that it is sensitively capable of detection of hydrocarbons and it enables one to qualitative and quantitative analysis of the composition of the crude oils.
Cite this paper: Kaya, G. , Kaya, N. , Amani, M. , Rahman, A. , Kolomenskii, A. and Schuessler, H. (2017) Direct Mass Spectroscopy Analysis and Comparison of Middle Eastern and Texas Crude Oils. International Journal of Organic Chemistry, 7, 312-318. doi: 10.4236/ijoc.2017.74025.

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