ENG  Vol.9 No.10 , October 2017
Energy Optimisation in Wireless Sensor Network
Abstract: The solution we propose optimizes the energy inside the wireless sensor network (WSN) with higher performance. The WSN is composed of many sensors nodes which collect the information, treat that information then send it to the base station. The information is received by the base station (BS) then data are sent to the users by that BS. The most important element in sensor node is energy, as the lifetime of wireless sensor network depends on the sensor node energy. So many researches had been made in order to improve this energy basing routing protocols. As a result, we are able to propose a solution that optimizes this energy. In this paper, we are presenting a new approach of selecting node sensor base on routing protocol and process to send data to the base station. This ameliorates wireless sensor network lifetime and increases the transmission sensor node to base station.
Cite this paper: Diety, G. , Ali, K. , Asseu, O. , Zehero, B. , Hamouda, S. (2017) Energy Optimisation in Wireless Sensor Network. Engineering, 9, 880-889. doi: 10.4236/eng.2017.910053.

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