IJOC  Vol.7 No.4 , December 2017
Synthesis and Extraction Studies of Calix[4]-Crown-4 Oxime Derivatives
Abstract: The article comprises synthesis of calyx[4]-oxa-crown, and calix[4]-thia-crown compounds containing nitrile groups (3a, 3b) and amino groups (4a, 4b) and their corresponding oxime derivatives (5a, 5b) and liquid-liquid extraction studies of these compounds. The oxime derivatives of compounds (5a, 5b) have been synthesized by reacting of di-n-butylamino derivatives of calix[4]-oxa-crown, and calix[4]-thia-crown compounds (4a, 4b) with amphi-chloroglyoxime in methanol-THF. Their cation and anion transfer studies were performed by using liquid-liquid extraction procedure. It has been concluded from the observations that the compound 3a shows a good extraction behavior toward Na+ ion in the presence of other metal cations. Whereas, its oxime derivatives transfers all of the metal cations used in the liquid-liquid extraction studies.
Cite this paper: Akkuş, G. and Aslan, S. (2017) Synthesis and Extraction Studies of Calix[4]-Crown-4 Oxime Derivatives. International Journal of Organic Chemistry, 7, 301-311. doi: 10.4236/ijoc.2017.74024.

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