Health  Vol.9 No.11 , October 2017
Fibroadenoma in Blacks
Abstract: Background: Fibroadenoma is the commonest benign tumour of the breast affecting the majority of young females below the age of thirty in our environment. It is a source of concern and psychological problems in females requiring medical attention in our hospitals. Aim: This study describes the clinicopathologic characteristics of fibroadenoma in Eastern Nigerian Igbo females. Methodology: The archives of the Department of Pathology Federal Medical Centre, Owerri was used for the data collection and analyzed using simple statistics. Results: 504 fibroadenomas were analyzed. The average size was 1.99 cm with a range of 0.5 cm to 18 cm. The average age of the patients was 22.6 ± 6.7 years with a range of 9 to 60 years. The peak age of incidence was in the 11 - 20 (44.64%) age group followed closely by the 21 - 30 (43.45%) age group. The ratio of involvement of the left to the right breast was 1:1.2. Fibroadenoma was 18% multiple and 10.7% bilateral. 5.3% (27), 0.6% (3), and 0.2% (1) of the cases were giant, complex fibroadenoma and malignant breast disease in fibroadenoma respectively. Conclusion: This study has provided insights into the clinicopathologic characteristics of fibroadenoma among Nigerian Igbos and calls for more research in this area in other parts Nigeria and elsewhere.
Cite this paper: Egejuru, R. , Nnadi, I. and Duru, O. (2017) Fibroadenoma in Blacks. Health, 9, 1475-1481. doi: 10.4236/health.2017.911108.

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