JAMP  Vol.5 No.9 , September 2017
Bifurcation of Parameter-Space and Chaos in Mira 2 Map
In this paper, we investigate Mira 2 map in parameter-space (A-B) and obtain some interesting dynamical behaviors. According to the parameter space of Mira 2 map, we take A and B as some groups of values and display complex dynamical behaviors, including period-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ???, 38, ??? orbits, Arnold tongues observed in the circle map [7], crisis, some chaotic attractors, period-doubling bifurcation to chaos, quasi-period behaviors to chaos, chaos to quasi-period behaviors, bubble and onset of chaos.
Cite this paper: Jiang, T. and Yang, Z. (2017) Bifurcation of Parameter-Space and Chaos in Mira 2 Map. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, 5, 1899-1907. doi: 10.4236/jamp.2017.59160.

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