JWARP  Vol.9 No.10 , September 2017
Traditional Nitrogen Removal Coupled with SND to Meet Advanced WWTP Standards at a Full Scale SBR Wastewater Treatment Facility
Abstract: A Florida wastewater treatment facility studied how Simultaneous Nitrification Denitrification (SND) coupled with traditional nitrogen removal would be used to meet the state’s current advanced wastewater treatment nutrient criterion. This study examined the effect of these combined processes on the fate and transport of the nitrogen species during the treatment process. The effectiveness of nitrogen removal within the full scale sequential batch reactor system (SBR) and the extent of SND compared to nitrification and denitrification in the nitrogen removal process was also evaluated. Finally, the overall performance of the municipal wastewater treatment facility utilizing these combined processes was evaluated. Overall, this application reduced the total nitrogen to almost 6% of the permitted concentration of 3.0 mg/L. The combination of both processes also resulted in an actual  concentration 93.7% lower than the acceptable theoretical  concentration, which also resulted in effluent Total Inorganic Nitrogen nearly 80% lower than the permitted 3.0 mg/L effluent concentration. Further, the process produced a composite Total Nitrogen concentration that was 74% lower than the permitted concentration. This coupling of SND with traditional nitrogen removal resulted in a highly effective process to reduce nitrogen in the municipal wastewater effluent which is also attractive for potential implementation due to the low cost expenditure incurred in its utilization.
Cite this paper: Martin Jr., C. and Clark II, C. (2017) Traditional Nitrogen Removal Coupled with SND to Meet Advanced WWTP Standards at a Full Scale SBR Wastewater Treatment Facility. Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 9, 1169-1183. doi: 10.4236/jwarp.2017.910076.

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