ENG  Vol.9 No.9 , September 2017
Vibration Annihilation of Sandwiched Beam with MROF DTSMC
Abstract: In the present paper, an analytical model of a flexible beam fixed at an end with embedded shear sensors and actuators is developed. The smart cantilever beam model is evolved using a piezoelectric sandwich beam element, which accommodates sensor and actuator embedded at distinct locations and a regular sandwiched beam element, having rigid foam at the core. A FE model of a piezoelectric sandwich beam is evolved using laminated beam theory in MATLAB?. Each layer behaves as a Timoshenko beam and the cross-section of the beam remains plane and rotates about the neutral axis of the beam, but it does not remain normal to the deformed longitudinal axis. Keeping the sensor and actuator location fixed in a MIMO system, state space models of the smart cantilever beam is obtained. The proper selection of control strategy is very crucial in order to obtain the better control. In this paper a DSM controller designed to control the first three modes of vibration of the smart cantilever beam and their performances are represented on the basis of control signal input, sensor output and sliding functions. It is found that DSM controller provides superior control than other conventional controllers and also MROF DSM controller is much better than SISO DSM controller.
Cite this paper: Rathi, V. and Khan, A. (2017) Vibration Annihilation of Sandwiched Beam with MROF DTSMC. Engineering, 9, 755-778. doi: 10.4236/eng.2017.99046.

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