EPE  Vol.9 No.10 , September 2017
Probabilistic Exergoeconomic Analysis of Transcorp Power Plant, Ughelli
Abstract: In this study, the probabilistic exergoeconomic analysis was performed for four industrial gas turbine (GT) units comprising two (GT16 and GT19) units of 100 MW GE engine and two (GT8 and GT12) units of 25 MW Hitachi engine at Transcorp Power Limited, Ughelli. These four industrial GT engine units were modelled and simulated using natural gas as fuel. The design point (DP) simulation results of the modelled GT engines were validated with the available DP thermodynamic data from original equipment manufacturer (OEM). This was done before the off-design point (ODP) simulation was carried out which represents the plant operations. The results obtained from exergy analysis at full load operation show that the turbine has the highest exergy efficiency followed by compressor and combustion having the least. For turbines these were 96.13% for GT8 unit, 98.02% for GT12 unit, 96.26% for GT16 unit, and 96.30% for GT19 unit. Moreover, the combustion chamber has the highest exergy destruction efficiency of 55.16% GT8 unit, 56.58% GT12 unit, 43.90% GT16 unit, and 43.30% GT19 unit respectively. The exergy analysis results obtained from the four units show that the combustion chamber (CC) is the most significant exergy destruction with lowest exergy efficiency and highest exergy destruction efficiency of plant components. The exergoeconomic analysis results from four units showed combustion chamber exergy destruction cost of 531.08 $/h GT8 unit, 584.53 $/h GT12 unit, 2351.81 $/h GT16, and 2315.93 $/h GT19 unit. The probabilistic results and analysis based on the input parameters distributions were evaluated and discussed.
Cite this paper: Ogbe, O. , Anosike, N. and Okonkwo, U. (2017) Probabilistic Exergoeconomic Analysis of Transcorp Power Plant, Ughelli. Energy and Power Engineering, 9, 588-613. doi: 10.4236/epe.2017.910041.

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