JAMP  Vol.5 No.9 , September 2017
Exact Solutions to the Boussinesq-Burgers Equations
Abstract: A nonlinear transformation from the solution of a linear equation to the solution of the Boussinesq-Burgers equations is derived by using the simplified homogeneous balance method. Based on the nonlinear transformation and various given solutions of the linear equation, various exact solutions, including solitary wave solutions, rational solutions, the solutions containing hyperbolic functions and the solutions containing trigonometric functions, of the Boussinesq-Burgers equations are obtained.
Cite this paper: Li, X. , Li, B. , Chen, J. and Wang, M. (2017) Exact Solutions to the Boussinesq-Burgers Equations. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, 5, 1720-1724. doi: 10.4236/jamp.2017.59145.

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