EPE  Vol.9 No.9 , August 2017
Some Concerns Related to the Idea of Energetic Complementarity and Its Application
Abstract: This letter to the editor presents some notes on energetic complementarity and a growing understanding of its role as a planning tool. This letter looks at the fact that an increasing number of works in recent years on this subject has promoted an increase in its level of importance in the design and operation of energy systems. The main change is the consideration of complementarity no longer as a consequence but as a design parameter. The continental dimension of Brazil, for example, should make it obvious that complementarities should be sought among the various energy resources available.
Cite this paper: Livi, F. , Rossini, E. and Beluco, A. (2017) Some Concerns Related to the Idea of Energetic Complementarity and Its Application. Energy and Power Engineering, 9, 482-485. doi: 10.4236/epe.2017.99032.

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