AM  Vol.2 No.10 , October 2011
Independence of the Residual Quadratic Sums in the Dispersion Equation with Noncentral χ2-Distribution
Abstract: A model adequacy test should be carried out on the basis of accurate aprioristic ideas about a class of adequate models, as in solving of practical problems this class is final. In article, the quadratic sums entering into the equation of the dispersive analysis are considered and their independence is proved. Necessary and sufficient conditions of existence of adequate models are resulted. It is shown that the class of adequate models is infinite.
Cite this paper: nullN. Sidnyaev and K. Andreytseva, "Independence of the Residual Quadratic Sums in the Dispersion Equation with Noncentral χ2-Distribution," Applied Mathematics, Vol. 2 No. 10, 2011, pp. 1303-1308. doi: 10.4236/am.2011.210181.

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