OJDM  Vol.7 No.3 , July 2017
Graphs with k-Role Assignments
Abstract: For a given graph G, a k-role assignment of G is a surjective function  such that , where N(x) and N(y) are the neighborhoods of x and y, respectively. Furthermore, as we limit the number of different roles in the neighborhood of an individual, we call r a restricted size k-role assignment. When the hausdorff distance between the sets of roles assigned to their neighbors is at most 1, we call r a k-threshold close role assignment. In this paper we study the graphs that have k-role assignments, restricted size k-role assignments and k-threshold close role assignments, respectively. By the end we discuss the maximal and minimal graphs which have k-role assignments.
Cite this paper: Liu, Y. and Zhao, Y. (2017) Graphs with k-Role Assignments. Open Journal of Discrete Mathematics, 7, 177-184. doi: 10.4236/ojdm.2017.73016.

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