JIS  Vol.8 No.3 , July 2017
Attribute-Based Secure Data Sharing with Efficient Revocation in Fog Computing
Fog computing is a concept that extends the paradigm of cloud computing to the network edge. The goal of fog computing is to situate resources in the vicinity of end users. As with cloud computing, fog computing provides storage services. The data owners can store their confidential data in many fog nodes, which could cause more challenges for data sharing security. In this paper, we present a novel architecture for data sharing in a fog environment. We explore the benefits of fog computing in addressing one-to-many data sharing applications. This architecture sought to outperform the cloud-based architecture and to ensure further enhancements to system performance, especially from the perspective of security. We will address the security challenges of data sharing, such as fine-grained access control, data confidentiality, collusion resistance, scalability, and the issue of user revocation. Keeping these issues in mind, we will secure data sharing in fog computing by combining attributebased encryption and proxy re-encryption techniques. Findings of this study indicate that our system has the response and processing time faster than classical cloud systems. Further, experimental results show that our system has an efficient user revocation mechanism, and that it provides high scalability and sharing of data in real time with low latency.
Cite this paper: Alotaibi, A. , Barnawi, A. and Buhari, M. (2017) Attribute-Based Secure Data Sharing with Efficient Revocation in Fog Computing. Journal of Information Security, 8, 203-222. doi: 10.4236/jis.2017.83014.

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