OJCE  Vol.7 No.2 , June 2017
Discussion on Structure Design and Optimization of Building Curtain Wall
Abstract: To discuss the structure design and optimization of building curtain wall, the dynamic characteristics of point supported glass curtain wall system are analyzed by the finite element method. The various technologies are made use of, and according to the characteristics of the structure system, the finite element analysis model with steel structure glass plate beam element and shell element as the basic elements is established. Then, the dynamic characteristics are analyzed, and the modal parameters such as inherent frequency and vibration type are identified. The research results show that the node displacement response power spectrum under the load of wind is obtained, which provides the basis for rationally optimizing the structure. Based on the above findings, it is concluded that the optimization design based on finite element model has a wide significance, which is a useful attempt to reduce the blindness of design and has great engineering significance and application value.
Cite this paper: Gong, Z. , Zeng, B. , Han, W. and Xue, S. (2017) Discussion on Structure Design and Optimization of Building Curtain Wall. Open Journal of Civil Engineering, 7, 303-310. doi: 10.4236/ojce.2017.72020.

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