OJFD  Vol.7 No.2 , June 2017
MHD Free Convection Flow past an Inclined Stretching Sheet with Considering Viscous Dissipation and Radiation
Abstract: The present study concentrates on the analysis of MHD free convection flow past an inclined stretching sheet. The viscous dissipation and radiation effects are assumed in the heat equation. Approximation solutions have been derived for velocity, temperature, concentration, Nusselt number, skin friction and Sherwood number using Nachtsheim-Swigert shooting iteration technique along with the six-order Runge-Kutta iteration scheme. Graphs are plotted to find out the characteristics of different physical parameters. The variations of physical parameters on skin friction coefficient, Nusselt number and Sherwood number are displayed via table.
Cite this paper: Hasan, M. , Karim, E. and Samad, A. (2017) MHD Free Convection Flow past an Inclined Stretching Sheet with Considering Viscous Dissipation and Radiation. Open Journal of Fluid Dynamics, 7, 152-168. doi: 10.4236/ojfd.2017.72010.

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