EPE  Vol.9 No.4 B , April 2017
The Design of VLC-PLC System for Substation Inspection
A kind of integrated network architecture visible light communication (VLC) and power line communication (PLC) is put forward. This architecture is low cost and easy to implement which overcomes the shortcoming of the traditional network architecture. Furthermore, the VLC-PLC integration technology is applied to typical power grid business scene, which is substation intelligent inspection. The business process of master station platform is analyzed. During the intelligent inspection, the VLC-PLC system provides voice communication for on-site inspection personnel and management personnel, and position service. The system can ensure the safety and security of power production.
Cite this paper: Sun, D. , Gong, T. , Liu, R. , Song, J. , Wang, G. , (2017) The Design of VLC-PLC System for Substation Inspection. Energy and Power Engineering, 9, 581-588. doi: 10.4236/epe.2017.94B064.

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