EPE  Vol.9 No.4 B , April 2017
Design of Multi-Sensors Cooperation Control System for Intelligent Building
This paper presents a design of intelligent building control system based on multi-sensors. In order to achieve comfort, low carbon and energy conservation for buildings. The design uses STC89C52 chip, combined with monitoring data of Pyroelectric infrared microwave dual sensor, temperature sensors and light sensors to control the optical system, the temperature control system and the security system. It helps to achieve low carbon and energy conservation. In addition, the energy-saving effect of a medium-sized multimedia classroom was analyzed. We analyze the feasibility of the system. It is proved that the system is low cost, high yield and easy to operate, with strong engineering application value.
Cite this paper: He, Q. and Ye, L. (2017) Design of Multi-Sensors Cooperation Control System for Intelligent Building. Energy and Power Engineering, 9, 495-502. doi: 10.4236/epe.2017.94B055.

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