EPE  Vol.9 No.4 B , April 2017
Analysis of Non-Sinusoidal Steady Electric Field of ±500 kV Converter Transformer
The line side winding is under the fundamental frequency AC voltage, while the valve side winding contains not only fundamental AC voltage component, but also the DC voltage component, fundamental AC voltage component, and higher harmonic voltage components when the converter transformer is at its normal operating condition, and the electric field of converter transformer is a non-sinusoidal steady one. To analyze the non-sinusoidal steady electric field containing the DC component, fundamental AC and higher harmonic components, the voltage spectrum of the valve winding in a ±500 kV converter transformer is firstly analyzed, and the non-sinusoidal periodic steady electric field is obtained by the fast discrete Fourier transform. Different resistivity of the oil and oil-immersed paper is adopted to simulate the aging of oil paper insulation at operation, and get the non-sinusoidal steady electric field.
Cite this paper: Liu, G. , Chi, C. , Jin, Y. , Ma, Y. , Sun, L. , Li, L. and Sun, Y. (2017) Analysis of Non-Sinusoidal Steady Electric Field of ±500 kV Converter Transformer. Energy and Power Engineering, 9, 53-62. doi: 10.4236/epe.2017.94B007.

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