IJCM  Vol.8 No.3 , March 2017
Patient Satisfaction in Croatian Nationwide Mammography Screening Program
Abstract: Mammographic screening programs are essential in timely detection and effective treatment of breast cancer. Since 2006, Croatia implemented a national MSP which asks for a regular biannual mammography for all women 50 - 69 years of age. First-visit screening attendance in the country is estimated at 58.3% with the trend of gradually decreasing re-attendance rates. Since patient satisfaction with the screening procedure may influence subsequent adherence, this study aimed to assess patient satisfaction in order to predict and improve patient re-attendance rate, a first-time effort of such kind in Croatia. 201 random patients undergoing mammography screening procedure at four facilities in Croatia were asked to complete an anonymous questionnaire which specifically evaluated the following aspects of patient experience: patient attitude, facility surroundings, staff attitude and pre-examination information transfer, associated physical pain, psychological discomfort, and finally overall patient impressions and satisfaction. The majority of our examinees expressed high satisfaction with MSP and an intention to re-screen; patient attitude, facility environment and staff attitude were deemed overly positive, whereas the majority of patients estimated the physical and psychological pain associated tolerable. These results suggest that patient satisfaction is not a critical factor influencing future adherence rate in MSP, and other components of the program should be evaluated and improved.
Cite this paper: Brnic, Z., Kasnik, K., Kasnik, K., Brnic, V., Borojevic, N., Ljubesic, L., Schmidt, S. and Krpan, T.(2017) Patient Satisfaction in Croatian Nationwide Mammography Screening Program. International Journal of Clinical Medicine, 8, 159-166. doi: 10.4236/ijcm.2017.83016.

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