ENG  Vol.9 No.3 , March 2017
Modification of Caster Oil and Study Its Efficiency as Corrosion Inhibitors in Formation Water Media
Abstract: The present study relates to preparation corrosion inhibiter from caster oil for carbon steel pipeline by two steps; the first step includes sulfonation of caster oil and the second step includes amination the sulfonic caster oil with ammonia solution the final product characterized by FTIR. The effectiveness of the synthesized compounds is studied as corrosion inhibitors for carbon steel; in formation, water was investigated by electrochemical techniques using Tafel plot methods. The synthesized compounds showed enhancement in inhibition efficiencies, and then studied the effect of temperatures on inhibition efficiency.
Cite this paper: Ali, H. (2017) Modification of Caster Oil and Study Its Efficiency as Corrosion Inhibitors in Formation Water Media. Engineering, 9, 254-262. doi: 10.4236/eng.2017.93013.

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