JWARP  Vol.9 No.4 , March 2017
Characterization of Scaling Power of Tiznit Region Waters
Abstract: The phenomenon of scaling is particularly observed in the regions of Morocco which exploit groundwater. The region of Tiznit uses these waters, partly, for its domestic and industrial needs. The major problem of the use of this water is, besides its medium quality, the clogging of the pipes. The aim of this work is to study the phenomenon of water scaling in Tiznit region using the means of thermodynamic and kinetic analyses. The physicochemical analysis of this region’s waters shows that their contents of calcium and magnesium are very high. The hydrometric title is situated between 18&#176F and 64&#176F. The alkalinity varies from 22&#176F to 82&#176F. The classification of waters of this region for assessing the risk of clogging, according to their hardness, shows that 80% of these waters are hard waters. The kinetic characterization of scaling power of drinking water in this region was conducted using the method LCGE which also proved the scaling character of these waters.
Cite this paper: Ben-Aazza, S. , Hadfi, A. , Belattar, M. , Hafid, N. and Driouiche, A. (2017) Characterization of Scaling Power of Tiznit Region Waters. Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 9, 339-344. doi: 10.4236/jwarp.2017.94022.

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