MSA  Vol.8 No.2 , February 2017
Fabrication of Perovskite-Type Photovoltaic Devices with Polysilane Hole Transport Layers
Abstract: Perovskite-type photovoltaic devices with polysilane hole transport layers were fabricated by a spin-coating method. In the present work, poly(methyl phenylsilane) (PMPS) and decaphenylcyclopentasilane (DPPS) were used as the hole transport layers. First, structural and optical properties of the PMPS and DPPS films were investigated, and the as-prepared PMPS and DPPS films were amorphous. Optical absorption spectra of the amorphous PMPS and DPPS showed some marked features due to the nature of polysilanes. Then, microstructures, optical and photovoltaic properties of the perovskite-type photovoltaic devices with polysilane hole transport layers were investigated. Current density-voltage characteristics and incident photon to current conversion efficiency of the photovoltaic devices with the polysilane layers showed different photovoltaic performance each other, attributed to molecular structures of the polysilanes and Si content in the present hole transport layers.
Cite this paper: Shirahata, Y. , Oku, T. , Fukunishi, S. and Kohno, K. (2017) Fabrication of Perovskite-Type Photovoltaic Devices with Polysilane Hole Transport Layers. Materials Sciences and Applications, 8, 209-222. doi: 10.4236/msa.2017.82014.

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