OJCE  Vol.7 No.1 , March 2017
Bilinear Model Proposal for Seismic Analysis Using Triple Friction Pendulum (TFP) Bearings
An analytical model is presented for seismic analysis of triple friction pendulum bearings and validated using 81 bearing tests, each subjected to three cycles, with a duration of 12 seconds and using 250, 200 and 100 tons vertical loads. The main objective is to develop formulas for bilinear behavior using maximum, average and minimum friction coefficients to check which is the closest to the real behavior in the laboratory tests and comparatives curves plotting to observe the standard derivation. Parameters such as friction coefficients, effective stiffness, damping factor and vibration periods are analyzed to understand the structural behavior of the TPF bearings.
Cite this paper: Delgado, I. , Aguiar, R. and Caiza, P. (2017) Bilinear Model Proposal for Seismic Analysis Using Triple Friction Pendulum (TFP) Bearings. Open Journal of Civil Engineering, 7, 14-31. doi: 10.4236/ojce.2017.71002.

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