GEP  Vol.4 No.13 , December 2016
The Comparison of the Forms of Land Capability Classification of Atalay and USA in Eski&#351ehir Province (Turkey)
Abstract: Turkey is an area where climate changes immediately, vegetation, or land gets different in a short distance. Geological and lithological features show diversity. Also, our country’s territorial existence and diversity also bring about different land use conditions. Therefore, land capability also differs from each other. Nevertheless, the classification of land capability used in Turkey is the classification of land capability for agricultural lands prepared by the United States (USA) in 1961. Due to this, [1] have made suggestion on a new classification of land capability considering our country’s geographical conditions. In this study, comparing the land capability with the classification carrying out in our country, the classification which Atalay and Gündüzo&#287lu suggested, has been aimed. Working method has been established according to regional approach and field observations have been done. In preparing the cartographical material, ArcGIS 10.3 has been used. The map of this study as a material topography, physical map, slope, aspect, the usage of the land, ground, geology, land capability, geomorphology, temperature, and precipitation has been examined, meteorological data have been appreciated. According to the findings attained, Eski&#351ehir’s map of land capability has been done through the criteria of the suggestions of Atalay and Gündüzo&#287lu. As a result, it has been understood that there is a difference between the USA land capability that applied in Eski&#351ehir and Atalay and Gündüzo&#287lu’s criteria. In the study, it is suggested to determine the land capabilities again considering the ecological conditions of Turkey.
Cite this paper: Coşkun, M. and Turan, A. (2016) The Comparison of the Forms of Land Capability Classification of Atalay and USA in Eski&#351ehir Province (Turkey). Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection, 4, 72-92. doi: 10.4236/gep.2016.413005.

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