MSA  Vol.7 No.12 , December 2016
Thermomechanical Behavior Modeling of a Cr-Ni-Mo-Mn-N Austenitic Stainless Steel
Abstract: The analytical approach and the thermomechanical behavior of a Cr-Ni-Mo-Mn-N austenitic stainless steel were characterized based on the parameters of work hardening (h), dynamic recovery (r) and dynamic recrystallization (n, t0.5), considering constitutive equations (σ, ε) and deformation conditions expressed according to the Zener-Hollomon parameter (Z). The results indicated that the curves were affected by the deformation conditions and that the stress levels increased with Z under high work hardening rates. The σc/σp ratio was relatively high in the first part of the curves, indicating that softening was promoted by intense dynamic recovery (DRV). This was corroborated by the high values of r and average stacking fault energy, γsfe = 66.86 mJ/m2, which facilitated the thermally activated mechanisms, increasing the effectiveness of DRV and delaying the onset of dynamic recrystallization (DRX). The second part of the curves indicates that there was a delay in the kinetics of dynamic softening, with a higher value of t0.5 and lower values of the Avrami exponent (n) due to the competing DRV-DRX mechanisms, and steady state stress (σss) was achieved under higher rates of deformation.
Cite this paper: Ferreira, R. , Silva, E. , Nascimento, C. , Rodrigues, S. , Aranas Jr., C. , Leal, V. and Reis, G. (2016) Thermomechanical Behavior Modeling of a Cr-Ni-Mo-Mn-N Austenitic Stainless Steel. Materials Sciences and Applications, 7, 803-822. doi: 10.4236/msa.2016.712062.

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